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What Really Bugs Me: Lies

Posted by OrdinaryJoe - August 13, 2011 - Features, Jobs, Politics, The '80's, What Bugs ME

From about the time we are born, we have been told honesty is the best policy. However, this is a total lie.  We have been natural liars ever since the days of Adam and Eve. To describe all the lies that have irked me during my lifetime, I would have to write a book the […]

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What Really Bugs Me

Posted by OrdinaryJoe - July 26, 2011 - Features, Flicks, Sports, TV, What Bugs ME

I am starting a new feature in An Ordinary Joe’s Soapbox. Every so often, I will write about what really bugs me. Here are a few things right now that are annoying me more than a quadrillion mosquitoes: SUV and pick-up drivers on the interstate.  Whenever people get behind the wheel of a SUV or a pick-up […]

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