Some Things Lately That Are Really Bugging Me

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I have not done this in my blog almost since Fred Flinstone and Alley Oop were baby Neanderthals, but I am going to list a few things that have been really bugging me lately:

–Flat champagne on New Year’s Day.

–Lines in the express lanes at department stores that are longer than those at the post office during the holiday season.

–Trying to drive during a snowstorm.

–The recent debates over gun control.  They are increasingly becoming like the late 1970’s “Jane, You Ignorant Slut!” skits on Saturday Night Live.

–Yet another increase in the price of postage stamps.  Didn’t the price go up just six weeks ago?

–Princess Kate’s pregnancy.  Please, tabloids, let her have her child in peace.

–The plethora of mediocre college teams playing in meaningless bowl games.

–Not seeing my favorite brand of dog food stocked at the local grocery store.

–Current reality TV “stars” like Shawnty Lo and June “Mama” Shannon (mother of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson).  They have done the near impossible–they have made people like the Osbournes, Tori Spelling, and even Snooki and Octomom almost look like Boston Brahmins.

–The Chicago Cubs not playing in the World Series yet again.  Even worse, the Cubs this past year played worse than a run of the mill expansion team.

–Bloodthirsty tailgate drivers in pick-up trucks and SUVs.

–Cold, dark nights during the months of January and February.

–Duke University is once again numero uno in college basketball (but they lost today, heh, heh, heh).

–No more eggnog and wassail until November. 

–The so-called “economic recovery”.  Despite all the happy talk, the economy is pretty much like the Cleveland Indians in the first half of Major League–it is performing like s—.

–Overpriced movies at the cinemaplex that are so bad, they make Glen or Glenda?, Reefer Madness,  and They Saved Hitler’s Brain look like Ben-Hur.

–Two months until the beginning of spring and four months until the Kentucky Derby.

I could list a thousand more things that irritate me.  But I must quit because I am now bugging my wife for not eating a splendid home-cooked meal.


Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

The worst type of aggravation occurs when all of your best laid plans go to hell.


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