A Few Things That Are Bugging Me

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Lately, I have had an overwhelming urge to tell the world to bug off. Consequently, I am going to do something I have not done in a  long time (but not in a galaxy far, far away like Star Wars)–I am going to write a post about bugs–specifically,  those things that are bugging me at the present moment.  I need to do this before I really go buggy.

Days in late August.  This is the time of the year in which days are starting to become shorter.  This bugs  me because I know very soon I will have to drag the flannel shirts and winter coats out of the closet.  Even worse, I face the prospect of shoveling snow and driving on streets that are icier than all of the skating rinks in the National Hockey League (Louisville is a city that lets Mr. Sun rather than people with plows to clear off side streets after a snowstorm). Sometimes, I wish I lived in southern California where the skies are almost always blue  and summer lasts most of the year.   But then,  if I lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, or Rancho Cucamonga, I probably would be madder than a hornet trying to cope with traffic jams and earthquakes.

The personal computer in my Man Cave.  I have owned my trusty Hewlett-Packard computer for nearly a decade.  While we have had innumerable good times together, my computer is so old it takes it nearly forever to connect with the Internet.   I nearly fly off the handle waiting to access my favorite blogs or to write down some of my great thoughts in An Ordinary Joe’s Soapbox.  I know I should go to the garbage dump and junk the computer, but then I get bugged out thinking about shelling out at least $500 for a new hard drive.

The Chicago Cubs.  Once again, the Cubs stink worse than all of the stink bugs in North America.  And once again, I am peeved why I support this gang of misfits  rather than cheering for a perpetually good team like the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, or even the New York Damn Yankees.  I do not want wait until I am ensconced in my perpetual cocoon until the Cubbies finally play in the World Series.

Catholic Church picnics.  Actually, Catholic Church picnics are more fun than a barrel of squirrel monkeys in a Las Vegas casino, and I hope to attend one before summer ends.   Nonetheless,  I get bug-eyed swatting bloodthirsty horse flies while I am eating a ice cream cone  as well as bumping into hordes of sweaty unkempt people who are more irritating than a buzzing gnat.  And I especially despise  saying those words I have to confess to a priest after I spend too much money at the roulette table trying to win a shoo-fly pie or a potted plant covered with aphids.

Writing.  I have said enough about writing this past month to make William Faulkner retch.   Suffice to say,  some days I rather be bitten by a mosquito than write a sentence fragment.

These are just several examples of the billion things that are aggravating me like a plague of locusts.  Now, where in the black widow did I put that insecticide?


Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

If you are not bugged with bugs, then you are a bug.



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