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Today, An Ordinary’s Joe Soapbox is going to be like Monty Python’s Flying Circus–something that is completely different.

I am introducing an occasional feature called Boos and Yahoos.  Every now and then, I want to recognize things that make me stand up and cheer and those that make me stand up and retch.

Health Insurance
401(K) 2013 / / CC BY-SA

Boos to Obamacare.    As William Bendix from The Life of Riley would say, what a revolting development this is.   So far, Obamacare has become the epitome of everything conservatives moan about big government–bureaucratic, inefficient, expensive, intrusive, even deceitful.   Even though I am not a Republican, I am starting to agree with the right wing saw that if this is the change, then keep it.


BostonRedSox1908logo / Public domain

Yahoos to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series.   Now, Sox fans, please don’t mention the Curse of the Bambino ever again.

Snowfall in Pant Glas / CC BY-SA

Boos to the end of Daylight Savings Time.   The last vestige of summer is over.    I now have to face four months of cold days, dark nights, and  SUV and pick-up truck drivers tailgating me with their brights turned on at full blast.


Photo by M. Rehemtulla / / CC BY

Yahoos to Thanksgiving.   T-Day is less than a month a month away.   I can’t wait to stuff myself with stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie.

Where's Wally?
Sanctu / Fote / CC BY-NC-SA

Boos to the retail stores opening up on Thanksgiving Day.  Can’t we have one day of the year where people spend some time with their families rather than buying overpriced made-in-China crap?

Huard and Croyle / CC BY

Yahoos to the Kansas City Chiefs (or Team With a Somewhat Politically Incorrect Nickname).  So far, the Chiefs are undefeated.   If Kansas City goes to the Super Bowl, this may be the greatest miracle in sports since the 1969 New York Mets or the 1991 Minnesota Twins or anytime the Chicago Cubs have a winning season.

Boos to the Jacksonville  Jagoffs–er, Jaguars.   This team is doing the impossible–it’s making the 2008 0-16 Detroit Lions look halfway decent.  Do the football world a favor and disband, Jags.  Start over in London, Paris, or even Podunkville U.S.A.

Cider and apple juice / CC BY-SA

Yahoos to apple cider.   The perfect drink for fall.   Also, yahoos for the return of egg nog.  Thanksgiving and Christmas just would not be the same without egg nog.

Helloween!!! :)))
Denis Collette…!!! / / CC BY-NC-ND

Boos to several trick-or-treaters who came knocking at my door for they were ungrateful for the type of candy I gave them.  Hey, kids, if you saw the price of sweets nowadays in the store, you’re lucky I did not give you some rocks.

Under A Blood Red Sky
Ian Sane / / CC BY

Yahoos and boos to fall foliage.  The trees are beautiful this time of the year but raking up the leaves–AUUUGH!


Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

I am not a old-timer.   I am a new-timer who happens to have gray hair in my head.







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