Some Boos and Yahoos

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It has been ages since I have done this, but I am getting up on my little ol’ soapbox to yell out some boos and yahoos:

Boo to the Scandinavians who didn’t award me the Nobel prize in literature. Oh, well, as we Chicago Cub fans like to say, wait ’til next year or more likely next century.

Yahoo to the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles. It is delightful seeing once great baseball teams returning to their former eminence after so many years of futility. And I am tickled pink over the fact that the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox for once didn’t make the American League playoffs.

Boo to the National Football League. Ever so often, it seems like a professional sports league has the Sadim touch–i.e., everything it touches turns into fecal matter. From about 1970 to 2010, baseball endured strikes, narcotics, steroids, arrogant free agents who wouldn’t sign autographs, domed and multipurpose stadiums, Astroturf, Disco Demolition Night, expansion teams, the Cubs (most years, the Cubbies are more futile than first-year expansion teams), silly uniforms and even sillier mascots, Al Campanis, Marge Schott, Ted Turner, George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin, Steve Bartman, and dozens of other unspeakable calamities. In recent years, strikes and lockouts have been as common in the National Hockey League as bloody fistfights. And now the NFL has the Sadim touch. From the kerfuffle over the Washington Redskins’ nickname to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson fiascoes to the controversy over head concessions, the NFL nowadays acts more inept than Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schulz on their most hapless days on Hogan’s Heroes. If the NFL isn’t careful, football junkies may become so disgusted with the pigskin sport they may start clamoring for soccer matches.

Yahoo(?) to the economy. The stock market has been booming, and job creation reports have by and large been good during the past few months. Even I, who is the perhaps the biggest naysayer in town when it comes to rosy economic forecasts, have noticed the help wanted ads sections in the Internet and local newspapers are getting a little bigger and a fair number of entry-level jobs are paying more than $9-10 an hour. But there are way too many unemployed and underemployed people. And too many jobs that are being created are part-time, no benefit, dead end McJobs and Wal-Jobs. Until anyone with a pulse can effortlessly get a good paying job with benefits, the economic recovery will be like Dorothy’s Oz–somewhere over the rainbow.

Boo to the election of 2014. Since the Citizens United ruling, politics is more and more becoming just the (sometimes) nonsexual, genteel form of prostitution. Although I will do my civic duty and head off my local polling place in November, sometimes I wonder if my vote really counts and that I am nothing but a insignificant chump for special interest groups and fat cat donors. I grew up believing any schmuck can change the world by voting, but no more.

Boo to Ebola. May this epidemic end as quickly as possible.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Happy days are never here again for a pessimist.

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