Why April Is a Very Good Month

Posted by OrdinaryJoe - April 5, 2016 - Features - 1 Comment
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Is T.S. Eliot correct that April is the cruelest month? Perhaps so, because of all the floods, tornadoes, freak blizzards, allergies, and taxes. However, April has its charms for it is the time for:

–April Fool’s Day. Even though I am a reasonably smart guy, I like to act foolish at the beginning of April.
–Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. As a Chicago Cubs fan, hope springs eternal on this day.
–Easter. However, this is one of those years when Easter occurred in March.
–Dandelions. But by May, they become a nuisance.
–Kentucky Derby mania. I better start making my Derby picks now.
–Magnolia, cherry, and dogwood blossoms.
–Arbor Day.
–Chocolate eggs and jelly beans.
–The reappearance of insects. But like dandelions, they become nuisances by May.
–St. George’s Day in Barcelona. On April 23, Barcelonian men give women a rose while women give men a book. Wish that tradition would become popular in the United States.
–The NCAA men’s championship basketball game. Unlike the NBA, the college basketball season ends at the right time–i.e., at the start of baseball season.
–The smell of wildflowers and horse manure.
–Laughing at people dressed up in bunny costumes.
–The first backyard barbecues. I love the aroma of charcoal in the morning as well as the afternoon and evening.
–Picnics in the country.
–Putting away my winter coats until fall.
–The reopening of amusement parks in many parts of the country.
–The Masters golf tournament.

Certainly, April has its cruel moments, but ultimately, it is much like the little girl with a curl–when it is good, it is very good indeed.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

April is when summer seems so close and the memories of winter are also close.

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  • RMAU says:

    This is very interesting to read. My sister s name is April and now she is researching all she can to find out how her name got started. I m kinda curious to find out when the season of fall was first called Autumn.

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