Impossible and Possible Dreams

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the dangers of dreaming
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Just the other day, there was a song on the radio I haven’t heard in ages–“The Impossible Dream”. I enjoy this song because it inspires me to fight the unbeatable foe and to reach the unreachable star.

Sad to say, there are many things in life that for me will always be impossible dreams. Here are a few examples:

–Kicking a field goal in overtime at the Super Bowl.
–Picking the right numbers in a Powerball lottery.
–Mastering quantum physics.
–Being the first person to explore Neptune.
–Singing arias at the Metropolitan Opera or, for that matter, the Tone Deaf Opera.
–Eating fish and chips with the queen of England.
–Teaching Greek philosophy and bonehead sex education at Harvard University.
–Playing electric guitar at a Woodstock reunion.
–Being nominated to the Supreme Court, the Court of Star Chamber, the Court of St. James, and the Court of Dolls.
–Winning the Kentucky Derby on a 99-1 shot.
–Dancing the tango with Ginger Rogers and Mr. Rogers.
–Cooking up a feast at a five-star hash house.
–Walking down a runway in Paris as a supermodel.
–Winning the Oscar for playing in a nudie version of The Wizard of Oz.
–Being elected president of the United States.

But even a cynical pessimist like me will concede sometimes impossible dreams can come true. For instance, when I was in college, I never thought I would ever get married. I spent many a lonely night in a library reading dry books on subjects like the history of the Sahara Desert. At dances, I spent more time at the chip dip station than boogieing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or even John Belushi in Samurai Night Fever. But I met the Extraordinary Margie at a family gathering in December 1999, and we got hitched seven years later.

Another impossible dream that came true was when I mastered the use of the PC (personal computer). When I saw a PC for the first time in my high school algebra class, I didn’t think anybody who wasn’t smarter than Albert Einstein could successfully use it. I was baffled by BASIC (the language of PCs at the time), and flow charts made me retch. Twenty years later, I nearly fled in terror when I sat behind a PC and was ordered to look at the Internet. But when I got the hang of ‘Net surfing, I yelled “Cowabunga!” and was mesmerized seeing one web site after another. Nowadays, I love using my PC so much you need a crowbar to pry me away from my desk.

Every now and them, there are those dreams that seen impossible but you wish they may occur someday. I know it probably won’t happen, but I hope sooner or later I will become a Nobel laureate in literature. And I am excited over the prospect this might be the year when my dream of seeing the Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series for the first time since 1945 may occur. For the past month, the Cubs have been tearing up the National League. But since I am a baseball fan who usually doesn’t look on the sunny side of life, I can’t overlook the fact that it’s only May. I have seen too many times when the Cubbies look like world beaters on Memorial Day only to collapse like a few billion houses of cards during the dog days of summer.

Many years ago, the Everly Brothers sang, “Dream, dream, dream, dream.” Dreams can be nightmares, wonderful diversions, or naughty fantasies that would make Hugh Hefner blush. And often the impossible ones become possible while others remain as impossible as Linus Van Pelt finding the Great Pumpkin on Halloween night.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

My life would be a lot more interesting if it was like my dreams.

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