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Since I don’t know what I want to write, I am going to do something I haven’t done in a long time–a Boo/Yahoo post!

The government shutdown: Super boo. I just wish it was over. It is a sterling example on why I have such disgust towards the miscreants tramps and thieves MFers politicians in Washington. And if it wasn’t so tragic (800,000 people have been thrown out of work or are working without pay), the shutdown would be a political farce worthy of Dr. Strangelove and Wag the Dog.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Maybe a semi-yahoo. She is a fresh face brimming with the idealism of youth, she is a whiz with social media, she has ideas that are really out of left field (and many of them, I have to admit, are more intriguing than the doublespeak from professional politicians), and unlike most of the congressional critters, she is quite photogenic. But I find the media obsession/adoration of her is the epitome of overkill. Let’s see if the Ms. Ocasio-Cortez Goes to Washington show will bring, in the words of Barack Obama, hope and change on the political landscape or at least some free college tuition and healthcare.

Michelle Obama’s wardrobe: A bored boo. I don’t care what the former First Lady wears. I’m concerned about more important issues like war, peace, the economy, and Powerball numbers.

The Oscars: Boo. I haven’t watch the Oscars for years because it is duller than watching your Aunt Gertrude the Prude’s home movies about a croquet festival. And it really doesn’t need a host or B-list movie stars opening up envelopes. All it has to do is list the winners on–what else?–the silver screen, and it will be shorter and better than a Chia Pet infomercial.

The Grammys: Boo. Another overlong awards show. I hate to sound like a fiftyish old fogey, but I find most of today’s musicians can’t hold an electric guitar to the tunesmiths of my youth. Maybe that’s way graybeards like the Rolling Stones, the Who, Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and KISS are still packing ’em in arenas across the world rather than playing shuffleboard on a geezer luxury yacht in the Caribbean.

The Super Bowl halftime show: Boo. The people who obsess over the halftime show are by and large watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials. Real and quasi-real football fans like me really don’t care if Elvis impersonators, the Osmond family, Pee Wee Herman, Herman Munster, Miss Piggy, or Las Vegas strippers perform during halftime show because we are usually in the kitchen making a snack or in the bathroom taking care of intestinal business. We just want to see wham, bam, thank you lineman action on the gridiron.

Louisville beating North Carolina: Yahoo. Even though I have been bewildered, ashamed, and occasionally amused by the hanky-panky going on in my hometown’s university over the past few years, I still am elated the U of L was able to beat sanctimonious North Carolina in the Tar Heel state. And a special yahoo to the Syracuse Orange for beating Duke. I’m no fan of the ‘Cuse, but whenever super-sanctimonious Duke and the Grand Duke of Durham, the Almighty Honcho of Hoops, the Wonderful Wizard of the ACC Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) lose, it’s a great day in college basketball.

For now, that’s all my Boo/Yahoos that are fit to print. Since it snowed last night, I have to shovel (a mega Boo). The only consolation I have doing that chore is that I won’t have to do it in May (a nice Yahoo).

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

The worst thing about January is that February is just around the corner.

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