An Ordinary Joe’s Classic–I Don’t Want to Write! Poem

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I’m taking some time off this week because I am suffering from the dreaded disease called writer’s block. Consequently, I am rerunning a post I wrote a couple of years ago in which I created a quickie free verse poem about why I didn’t want to write.

Have you ever had a day in which in which you don’t feel like writing? Well, today is my not-so-lucky day. And whenever I hit a writing dry spell, I feel like composing some verses of doggerel:

I don’t want to write about
Million Women’s March
Pro-life March
Meryl Streep
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Donald Duck
The Super Bowl
Oscar nominations
Grammy nominations
Oil pipelines
Oil heaters
Bad weather
Bad Leftover fruitcake from December 25
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
Mid-winter Day
Television’s rating weeks
Weeks until Opening Day
NBA basketball
College basketball
Dancing with the stars
Dancing with wolves
Dancing with colds
Dancing in the nude in Siberia
Country and western songs
Country roads glazed with ice
Ice sculptures
Icy expressions on faces
Icy winds
I don’t even want to write
Rock and roll
And even about
And my family
And so
Like the people
In an old bladder control commercial
I gotta go, gotta go right now.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Writer’s block is a sure sign a writer is becoming a blockhead.

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