No Writing Today–A Stream of Conscious Poem

Posted by OrdinaryJoe - January 19, 2020 - Features, Flicks, Poems, Politics, Sports - No Comments

Today, I am suffering from writer’s block. Whenever that happens, I like to examine my more sensitive literary side and write poetry. Not surprisingly, I am going to compose another one of my stream-of-conscious poems:

No writing today.
I’m feeling
That Christmas
And New Years
Came and went
Quicker than
Santa Claus
Fleeing a mob
Of angry
The weather is
Too cold
To do any
Outdoor activities
Except scraping
The ice
Off my car.
I’m not interested
In the Super Bowl
Nor the Oscars
And what
Passes for politics
Is enough
To make
Anyone an
Or at least
A third party
No writing today
I’m just
Going to sleep
And hope
My literary juices
Will flow
Like a
West Texas

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Every poem would be a good poem if it wasn’t for literary critics.

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