Once Again, A Boo/Yahoo Post

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Last week, I did a Have You Noticed? post. In this edition of the Soapbox, I am going to do something I haven’t done in a year–a Boo/Yahoo post.

The beginning of March. Yahoo. Even though March is not my favorite month, it is a lot better than February. And spring is just a few weeks away.

The Democratic presidential primary season. Boo. Not only is it too long to determine a candidate, I am getting bored with the incessant debates and political rallies. And I am not getting my hopes up for a rowdy, brawling brokered convention in Milwaukee this summer. It probably will be like most political conventions over the past 40 years–exercises in tedium with occasional great speeches.

March Madness or the NCAA tournament. Sis-boom-bah, a big Yahoo. What makes March Madness so fun is that it is the most unpredictable of the big sporting championships. Pretty much everyone loves a directional school or an obscure liberal arts college upset one of the perennial powers like Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, or St. Duke. And having a mid-major in the Final Four like George Mason, Butler, Virginia Commonwealth, and Loyola–Chicago adds some spice to the miasmic world of college basketball. In the next couple of weeks, I will be glued to the TV to watch hoops action and start talking like legendary sports announcer Dick Vitale about “diaper dandies” and “PTPs” (prime time players).

St. Patrick’s Day. A big Gaelic Yahoo. Every person of Irish descent loves St. Patrick’s Day, though I will pass on the corned beef and cabbage. When March 17 rolls around, I will be wearing the green, listening to Irish tunes, and probably stopping by the local McDonalds to get myself a Shamrock Shake.

Coronavirus. Boo. I hope this epidemic will come to an end as quickly as possible.

Spring training. A more or less Yahoo. Even though I don’t follow the horsehide sport as religiously as I did three decades ago, it is still fun seeing baseball games in Arizona and Florida. And Opening Day is on March 26, which is another sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

XFL. Neither Boo or Yahoo. I don’t know if this football league will be the next big thing or be another gridiron flop like the WFL, the USFL, Arena Football, or the original XFL. In a few weeks or maybe a year or two, I will decide if I should take the XFL seriously.

The recent Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury fight. Yahoo. Good for boxing, and good for fans of pugilism like me. As I said last week, boxing is emerging from the wilderness of sports.

No Oscars in March. A super Yahoo. Glad that extravaganza is over. I am delighted I won’t have to see for another year celebrities in weird outfits strolling down red carpets. In a couple of weeks, about the only award show I get excited over every years occurs–the one and only celebration of Tinseltown dreck known as the Razzies! I can’t want to see which flick will win the Worst Movie Razzie for 2019.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

I love hearing cheers, but I don’t mind hearing a couple of boos in October.

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