What I Have Missed

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It’s Poetry Day at An Ordinary Joe’s Soapbox!

I have written a poem entitled “What I Have Missed”. It is about what I have been missing since coronavirus became an epidemic. For poetry lovers and for those who think poetry is nothing but bull bleep, enjoy!

What I have missed
Since coronavirus
Became the modern
Black Plague–
Going out in public
Without being required
To wear
A mask.
Not having to
Keep away
From people
At least six feet.
Having no restrictions
On where I want
To travel.
Not being locked down
For weeks
At a time.
Seeing toilet paper
And hand sanitizer
Stocked in grocery stores.
Watching news stories
On the Kardashians,
The Final Four,
Baseball’s Opening Day,
The Kentucky Derby,
Golf’s Masters’ and U.S. Open,
Easter celebrations,
And social gatherings
Rather than on
And statues
Come a-tumbling
Being in
A world that
Seemed a lot closer
To so-called
Than it is now.
It has been said
A Miss
Is as good as
A Mile.
But I would gladly
A few hundred miles
To return to the
I now miss
Because of

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Poetry is like history–it doesn’t repeat itself but it sure rhymes.

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