Another Election of Shame, A Political Endorsement, and Some Words about James Bond

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In 2016, I wrote a post called “Election of Shame”. With some alterations and updates, I am rerunning that post because I feel this is another Election of Shame.

“You’re not interested in politics this year,” my wife told me the other day.

She is one of those odd ducks who get more excited over Election Day than Halloween. She is planning to spend all night watching the election returns and might throw an impromptu party should the Republicans win.

“Why should I, honey,” I mumbled to myself. Just the notion of having Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the Democratic and Republican candidates for president is enough to make me retch. Biden and Trump are the two candidates who, in a perfect world, should be locked up in a penitentiary cell for a few years rater than given the keys to the Oval Office. They are so corrupt and so duplicitous they would embarrass the most crooked three card monte dealer in Las Vegas.

Shame, shame, shame. Shame on Biden and Trump for being such cretins. Shame on the political system that doesn’t allow third party candidates a legitimate chance of winning on Election Day. And finally, shame on us for voting the most “electable” candidates and “the lesser of two evils” rather than someone who tries to be a true statesman or at least a well-meaning servant to the public rather than a whorish handmaiden to special interest groups. Alexis de Tocqueville was correct–we are about to get the government we deserve.

As Election Day nears, rather than being proud that I am a citizen who has the privilege of voting, I am ashamed that America is looking more and more like one of those dysfunctional banana republics in satirical political novels. While I hope for the best, I am a pessimist–actually, a realist by nature–and I expect the absolute worst. Like 2016, I will not be surprised in the least that historians in the future will regard the 2020 election as another Election of Shame.


I will finally make a political endorsement this year. I endorse None of the Above. If you can, please write “None of the Above” on you ballot. That is really an effective way to shake up the government.

And don’t forget to vote on Election Day. I know it may be an exercise in futility, but it is the one day that we ordinary Joes have a say in our government. As they say in Chicago, vote early and often.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Voting is usually a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

P.S.: So long James Bond–the Sean Connery one. You were every man’s fantasy man’s man. You looked great in the fanciest suits, visited exciting locales throughout the world, used the coolest and most sophisticated mechanical gadgets, fought archvillains like Dr. No and Auric Goldfinger without breaking a sweat, bedded countless beautiful women, and drank you martinis shaken not stirred.

Bond, James Bond, you will be missed–unless you are a member of SPECTRE or SMERSH.

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