Valentine’s Day Poems

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It’s St. Valentine’s Day! A day of love, candy, and–well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. And at the Soapbox, it is a day of poetry. Now, I am not of those bards like Shakespeare or Robert Browning who can write rhymes that makes the ladies swoon. Instead, I am connoisseur of the types of verses that make your high school English teacher cringe.

And so, here are some poems that are far worse than the stuff found in greeting cards. But as they say when you get a Clapper or a Singing Dogs album during Christmastime, it’s the thought that counts.

Roses are red
A female deer is a doe
Today’s the day
To walk through Cupid’s grove.

Roses are red
Athletes eat Wheaties
Celebrate this day
With your sweetie.

Roses are red
So are Valentines
Eating boxes of candy
Is mighty fine
(Unless you are a dentist).

Roses are red
The snow is white
Love is in the air
To make everything bright.

Roses are red
Sometimes, so are cookies
This is the day
To do a little nookie.

Roses are red
In the spring they grow.
Let’s have some candy
And don’t eat that yellow snow.

Roses are red
The weather is cold
On Valentine’s Day
Do something bold.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

Sweets for the sweet and sour for the whiskey.

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