Strange Days

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The musical group The Doors once had a song called “People Are Strange”. I dunno, but I feel like not only people but virtually everything is strange.

I went to the grocery yesterday. It was odd being around so many people without masks. I have been around Dr. Kildare look-alikes for so long that I have forgotten seeing faces covered with dimples, beards, mustaches, five o’clock shadows, and mascara.

I read a news story about a stripper shortage. There was a even a picture of a gentlemen’s club advertising that it was now hiring ugly girls. Maybe this is proof that they economy is truly recovering for pretty women no longer have to prance and dance like Gypsy Rose Lee just to make a buck. Or maybe this is because of all the naughty stuff on the Internet. You no longer have wear a raincoat and sunglasses and surreptitiously head off to your local strip club to see women au naturel unless maybe they are more coyote uglier than Wile E. Coyote.

For the past few months, the weather has been unusual. It was bizarre seeing snow in late April. But during the past week, the hot, humid, clammy weather typical of June returned. I am not used wearing short sleeved shirts rather than winter coats and hats.

The return of the seventeen year cicadas has been strange. Not only does these insects look like the creatures from the 1950s big bug movies that ate Cleveland and Milwaukee for lunch, they sound like a theremin (an electronic musical instrument used in films like Spellbound as well as the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” ) gone haywire. Even President Joe Biden can’t escape them for one was buzzing around his face several days ago. Maybe it was a Donald Trump supporter who wanted to make America great again for the cicadas.

It certainly is strange the Chicago Cubs are now in a first place tie in the National League’s Central Division. Actually, that isn’t too strange. More often than not play, the Cubs play like the Mickey Mantle-era New York Yankees before the start of summer. It is really strange when they are not fumbling and bumbling during September and even more stranger when they win a World Series (only once since 1908).

The Doors had another song called “Strange Days”. Certainly, that is true nowadays.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

The strangest people you meet are those who act perfectly normal.

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