Poetry Day at the Soapbox

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It’s poetry day at the Soapbox!

A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday. In honor of this occasion, I have written a poem entitled “Sixty Years Ago”

Sixty years ago. . .
John Kennedy was president.
The first astronauts were in space.
Gunsmoke and Wagon Train were on TV.
June Cleaver did housework in pearls
On Leave It to Beaver
While Ward gave wise lectures
To Beaver and Wally.
People were doing the twist
And listening to folk music.
People got their kicks
Watching Route 66.
Roger Maris hit 61 homeruns
Civil rights was becoming
A national issue.
Cuba and the Berlin Wall
Were major foreign policy issues
But few could foresee
That a major conflict
Would soon occur
In Vietnam.
It was a time of
The Jets and the Sharks
In West Side Story .
Crewcuts, skinny ties, beatniks,
And people singing along
With Mitch.
Sixty years. . .
It was a long. long time ago
But it seems like yesterday.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

You really get picky when you are sixty.

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