Yuletide in July

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I recently read the Hallmark Channel is having a Christmas film fest this month.

At first thought, I think it is a little odd celebrating the yuletide season in July. It seems incongruous hearing “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and the Singing Dogs’ version of “Jingle Bells” on the radio, watching Rudolph and Dasher play reindeer games, wearing ugly sweaters, looking at artificial pine trees at shopping malls, buying Clappers and Chia pets for your obnoxious relatives that sit at the children’s card table during holiday dinners, and eating candy canes and decades old fruitcakes.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that having a Christmas season in July is not a bad idea.

It would be delightful to have a cup of cold egg nog on a hot day. I enjoy the taste of egg nog, especially when it spiked with some of Santa’s special brew.

I would enjoy meeting Santa Claus more than once a year. Every time I have met him, Santa Claus strikes me as the coolest guy from the North Pole. He always has a gregarious smile, a boisterous laugh, and a dirty old man twinkle in his eye. Over milk and cookies, we enjoy telling jokes you definitely won’t hear at a grade school pageant.

Because it is July, I don’t have to worry about blizzards, sleet, and ice storms while walking in a winter wonderland. Nor do I have to dress like a Canadian in January, shovel snow, turn on heaters, and have my face covered with icicles. I can enjoy the yuletide festivities without freezing off my gluteus maximus, though the hot sultry weather makes me swoon.

Football games are ubiquitous during the holiday season. It would be fun seeing a little pigskin action this time of the year. However, the NFL training camps will be opening up in a couple of weeks and preseason games will start next month, so summer football is not an anomaly.

Of course, I would like to get presents more often. It is a misnomer that Christmas is a time of giving. It is actually a time of getting. On Christmas morning, I am like Dennis the Menace in a classic strip when he has more gifts than the average Wal-Mart yet grumbles, “Is that all?” When it comes to presents, the more the merrier. They make a Merry Christmas truly a Merry Christmas.

The musical Mame has the song “We Need a Little Christmas”. Certainly, we need a little Christmas this time–as well as any other time–of the year.

Joe’s Maybe Memorable Quote of the Day

The only time you hear jingle bells in July is the sound of an ice cream truck.

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